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A Prayer for My Local Church

Hi Everyone, our plan for today is a prayer for your local Church, but before we do that, I want to tell you about our June prayer focus. Our Canadian and Global economies have suffered a tremendous setback in the past few months. Our only way forward is to see them recover quickly and steadily. Recovery is easier said than done because of the extent and length of the shutdown. A quick and robust recovery is crucial to helping Canadians get off of government assistance and back to work again. Starting on Monday, we’re inviting you to pray prayers of faith with us as we declare, believe, and stand in the gap to see the Canadian and global economies roar back to life and vitality! 

Pray with me for your local Church today:

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the local Church. We are more than a building or an address. We are friends, family, and a diverse community that you have gathered together through your love for us and our passion for your son, Jesus Christ. You have called us to be your people, your bride, your hands and your feet in a world that needs us more than ever. We acknowledge our desperate need for you. As we approach Pentecost Sunday, we remember how you equipped and resourced your Church with your Spirit. Your Spirit indwells us, empowers us, and equips us to live lives of impact and purpose. Blow fresh and new on us today, we pray.

We thank you for our pastors and ministry leaders who are working so hard right now to provide spiritual leadership, encouragement, and wisdom. Ministry in this season is more complicated and complex than ever before. Lord, today I pray for (insert your pastor’s name(s) here) and ask that you would fill them afresh and anew with your Spirit and His power. Give them new strategies and insights into how they can lead your Church and impact our world in these challenging days.

We pray for our brothers and sisters, many that we have not seen in months. Be with them. Keep them safe from harm and free from sickness; minister to those who have suffered loss and are grieving. Heal those who need your touch. Comfort those who are lonely today.

Mostly, we pray that you would help us to hear rightly, walk humbly, speak wisely, and shine brightly in this challenging season. Help us to bring glory to your name we pray! In Jesus Name, Amen.