A Prayer for My Mayor & Councillors

A Prayer for My Mayor & Councillors


A note before you pray: similar to the last few days, today’s prayer brings things from general prayers for leaders specifically to our municipal leaders, as our nation prepares for relaunch and preventive measures against a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s prayer is meant for you to pray specifically for your local Mayor and Councillors. Where you see [Mayor and Councillors’ Name] in the prayer below, you’re encouraged to pray specifically using the name of your own Mayor and Councillors. (If you don’t happen to readily know their names, you can easily find out by Googling your municipality’s website and clicking on the city/town Council list.) Let’s pray together now…

We are reminded today, LORD, that You are a good, good Father. With this in mind, we each pray for and lift up our own local leadership for your blessing and gracious intervention. In appreciation of their service and responsibilities, we come before you with their needs in reverence, as well as seeking for peace among our nation. Thank you that [Mayor and Councillors’ Names] serve the people of my municipality. I pray that they would serve with renewed vigour to address the needs of my community.

Today, many of our cities and towns in Canada are at a crossroads. Therefore, I seek Your blessing and favour upon [Mayor and Councillors’ Names]. May they engage with the citizenry in proactive measures to continue to apply strategies for health and safety as well as launching a solid plan for economic re-establishment. May there be a balanced strategy to address the collective needs of my city/town and surrounding area with individual enablement for each citizen to be able to move forward in positive participation in our community. We pray for outstanding leadership at this time. So we look to You for paradigm shifts as needs demand. Thank you for Your good and gracious favour which you bestow willingly on people as we pray in intercession at this critical time in our history. We look to You, Lord, as our saviour and redeemer.

Give [Mayor and Councillors’ Names] capable assistance through the administration and staff serving my city/town. May each one gladly contribute in any way, whether humble or significant. We pray for unity of purpose so that good strategies and plans may be implemented quickly. Bless the City/Town Council as they meet. And provide for and protect each member and their families in these days.

In Jesus’ name we pray, and gladly bless you, Lord, with praise and honour. Amen.

Now that you’ve prayed for your Mayor and Councillors, why not take another simple (yet significant!) step of encouragement for them? Check the city/town website for the number/email address. What an incredible encouragement and support it would be for them to receive at least one phone call or an email to hear that they’ve been prayed for!