A Prayer of Encouragement For Our Leaders

A Prayer of Encouragement For Our Leaders


Heavenly Father, the Scriptures instruct us to seek peace within the area we live, and to intercede in prayer for it, our own welfare being bound with it. As such, we recognize that the comfort and well-being of society are better attained when the leaders of society are well-supported and encouraged.

The concerns related to COVID-19 have laid aside so many ‘normal’ plans and procedures, the weeks have turned into months, and the burden of the decisions upon our elected leaders’ shoulders is exhausting. As finite human beings, they can’t help but feel drained — physically, relationally, spiritually, and emotionally.

So, Lord, today we pray that you would greatly encourage them. Give them times of genuine rest for their bodies from their wearying schedules. We ask that you would strengthen them through solid relationships with others and with you. Bring them a deep peace in the midst of their extreme busyness. As they respond to concerning situations from constituents, please give them clarity, compassion, and wisdom in their response.

Gentle Shepherd, lead them beside still waters and restore their souls.

In Jesus’ precious and powerful name we pray, amen.