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A prayer for Goodness

Father in Heaven, as believers all over Canada, we join our hearts in praying for our country. You have blessed us with peace and prosperity. You have rained down goodness upon us and upon our land. Cause your goodness to grow in the hearts of our leaders. Open the eyes of all Canadians to see the evidence of your goodness (Acts 14:17).

Your word tells us that you direct the decisions of kings and world leaders (Proverbs 21:1), therefore, we pray with confidence asking that our prime minister, his cabinet, the leaders of all political parties, federal and provincial, be guided by your hand. We pray that out of them your goodness will flow. Where there is hardness of heart toward your people, we pray for favour. Direct the plans of our leaders. Cause them to fall in line with your good plan for Canada.

We pray for all Canadians, old and young, who are suffering during this pandemic. We pray for those who are fearful and alone. Fill them with your courage. Let them sense your nearness. We ask you, Lord, to bring goodness out of this period of chaos, sickness, and death. Send your Spirit from sea to sea to sea. Give your people boldness to proclaim your love across this land. Make hearts receptive. We know that you have chosen many Canadians for salvation and we lift our petition to you on their behalf (Acts 18:10).

Goodness makes a nation great, therefore, we pray that all Canadian believers would rise in your spirit, pray fervently and speak boldly. Continue to raise up godly leaders in all aspects of Canadian life: church, government, education, health and business.

In the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, we make these requests of you, our God, because you are able to do more than we can ask or imagine. Amen!