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Hon. Adrianna LaGrange, Red Deer-North

Father, thank you for the Honourable Adrianna LaGrange. Father as she serves we pray she would have the strength she needs to keep moving, and guide her to do what is right. Encourage her and brighten her life. We thank you for her family as well, asking that you would bless them all abundantly. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Minister LaGrange was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on April 16, 2019, as the MLA for Red Deer North. A wife, mother of seven, and proud grandmother of three, LaGrange understands the importance of the role that parents play in the development of children. She has an extensive career in helping those Albertans who face physical and mental disabilities, earning her Diploma in Rehabilitative Studies from Humber College in 1981. LaGrange is also an entrepreneur, owning a trucking company, as well as running a family farm. Adriana LaGrange also serves as the Minister of Health. Serving as a Trustee of the Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division for more than 11 years, LaGrange understands the unique needs of the education system.