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Hon. David Eby, Vancouver-Point Grey

Heavenly Father, we honor Premier David Eby, dedicated to serving Vancouver-Point Grey. May your blessings accompany him as he comes and goes, as Deuteronomy 28:6 promises. We pray that his family is filled with pride for his achievements, and that the community holds him in high esteem for his tireless service. In your name, we celebrate his dedication and ask for your continued guidance and blessings. Amen.

David Eby is the MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, first elected in 2013. David became Premier of British Columbia on November 18th, 2022. Before he was elected, David was the Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, an adjunct professor of law at the University of British Columbia, president of the HIV/AIDS Legal Network, and served on the Vancouver Foundation’s Health and Social Development Committee. His years of legal advocacy at Pivot Legal Society to protect the human rights and dignity of homeless and under-housed residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside were recognized in 2011 by the UN Association in Canada and the B.C. Human Rights Coalition with their annual award.