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Hon Jinny Sims, Surrey-Panorama (Demo)

Creator God, today we pray for the Honourable Jinny Sims, as she continues to serve within our provincial government as MLA for the riding of Surrey-Panorama. As we enter a new school year, we recognize her significant and extensive experience in the field of education. Although she has served in leadership and government at other levels and in other capacities, grant Jinny wisdom and discernment within the roles and responsibilities she currently has within our governing NDP party. May she genuinely pursue opportunities, seek to provide wise counsel, and simply do all that she can to benefit and bless all citizens of BC. Bless Jinny in deep and meaningful ways as she continues to use her many gifts and talents to serve in our provincial legislature, and bless her extended family as she gives of her life and time to serve others. In Jesus name we pray this. Amen……………….

Jinny Sims was elected as the MLA for Surrey-Panorama in 2017. She is the Minister of Citizens’ Services. Born in Punjab, India, Jinny immigrated to England at nine years old. She earned her education degree at the University of Manchester and became a high school teacher when she moved to Canada before becoming the president of the BC Teachers’ Federation in 2004. In 2011, Jinny was elected as the Member of Parliament for Newton-North Delta, and served as the critic for International Cooperation, Critic for Immigration and Critic for Employment. Jinny is a mother and grandmother, and is proud to call Surrey home.