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Hon. Michael Tibollo, Vaughan-Woodbridge

Our Lord, we pray for the Honourable Michael Tibolo today. We pray for the hard-working staff who are diligent to do all that is possible for Ontarians in meeting their needs. We are thankful for the government’s Mental Health and Addictions work that they undertake for the sake of vulnerable people of all ages and backgrounds. As you have taught us to serve the needy, we pray for the administration of the many Road to Wellness programs and services, for access and innovation, as well as identifying needs and expanding these supports to meet the ever-growing mental health and recovery needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank you for the constituent team and pray for renewed energy in working for the people of Vaughan-Woodbridge. Lord, bless Michael and his family today, Amen.

Michael Tibollo was born and raised in Toronto. He is the son of 1st generation immigrants to Canada from Italy. He attended the University of Toronto where he received his undergraduate degree in 1982. He then obtained a law degree from the University of Windsor in 1985. Minister Tibollo was called to the bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1987. In 1995, he completed the program of instruction for lawyers: negotiation workshop at Harvard Law School. He is married to Silvana and has three children, Frances, Michael, and Mercedes. Tibollo is also an avid bee-keeper who cares about the environment and nature.