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Hon. Pete Guthrie, Airdrie-Cochrane

Father, today we bring Pete and the concerns he has in his political role as Minister of Infrastructure. We ask that you would deliver solutions and strategies to him for the difficult problems he faces. May he be aware of Your presence and the strength he has in You. May you bless him with godly wisdom and a heart that desires to please You in every aspect of his life, whether personal or professional. Thank you for his leadership skills and all the experiences he developed in business and retail over the past 20 years. We pray that his work will be effective
and that he will be an instrument of good for all the people of Alberta. Bless Pete, his wife and their two children with health and peace.

Pete Guthrie was elected on April 16, 2019. He is also the Minister of Infrastructure. Prior to his service with the Legislative Assembly, he was a private business owner in the ranching and retail industries for close to 20 years. A professional engineer by trade, he worked for several years in the chemical and manufacturing industries before becoming an entrepreneur. He holds a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta. He and his wife have two children.