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Hon. Ron Kostyshyn, Dauphin

Thank you, Lord, for the gifts of your grace–all the things you give out of pure love, abundant mercy, and sweet forgiveness. Today, we gladly pray for and bless Hon. Ron Kostyshyn. We ask for you to bless his family and community, tending to their needs especially when he must travel. Guide his steps, that he may prosper in his goals. Amen.

Ron Kostyshyn was first elected as the MLA for Swan River from 2011 to 2016, and was elected as the MLA for Dauphin in 2023. He previously served as the provincial minister of agriculture and as the reeve for Mossey River Municipality. During his first tenure as agriculture minister, Kostyshyn helped to improve food safety and support Manitoba producers. He has also served on various boards including the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, Manitoba Conservation Commission, Intermountain Conservation District, Ethelbert District Veterinary Board and Farm Stewardship Association of Manitoba. He and his wife, Judy, raised two daughters and ran a family mixed farming operation for 40 years in rural Manitoba.