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It’s Time…. Election 2017 (Demo)

Welcome to the first day of our PrayBC Prayer Campaign!  We are excited about what God is going to do in and for our province over the next 29 days, and the best part is that by choosing to pray, we become active participants!.  God has a plan for BC and for our future as a province!  Part of seeing HIS plan come to pass is through intentionally praying.  While we need to always be praying for those who govern over us, elections provide a strategic opportunity for us to have a significant impact on the future of BC.

From now through Election Day, we will post a daily video prayer.  Pray along with us and use that prayer as a source of inspiration to pray your own prayer.  You can share the prayer via Facebook, Twitter or email to your own network to help us reach our goal of having 10,000 people praying with us before the campaign comes to an end.

If you’ve got questions, comments or ideas, share them with us by clicking here.