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« Lord, We Remind You of Your Promise… »

Tim Schindel - President & National Director, Leading Influence
Tim Schindel – President & National Director, Leading Influence

When I started in ministry, my first pastor prayed with a kind of boldness I’d never seen or heard before. The first time I heard him say, « Lord, I remind You of Your promises…, »  my eyes popped open wide because I didn’t know it was okay to talk to God with that kind of boldness and confidence. That was a lot of years ago, but there are times when I come back to reminding God of His promises when I pray because it boosts my faith and reminds me that God is still in control. Today, we are going to remind God of His promises and ask Him to intervene in powerful and astounding ways.

Lord, as our nation begins to emerge from the COVID shutdown, we see the fragility of the economy, the job market, and small businesses that has been left behind. We see social turbulence in our nation being expressed in ways that are disconcerting and troubling to us. We acknowledge our brokenness and emptiness as a country. We humble ourselves before you and acknowledge that you alone are King and God. You rule over all.

Lord, your word tells us you will not break a bruised reed and that you will not snuff out a smouldering wick. You see us in all of our brokenness. Today, we remind you of your promise in Isaiah 42:3 that you will not falter until you bring justice on earth. So we pray, bring your restoring, delivering, aligning, and holy justice to our land. Transform our nation as you transform us to be the people you are calling us to be in this day and time. Change us. Renew us. Shape us anew today!

We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.