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MLA Eric Olauson, Saskatoon University

Father Eric is a man who desires to do well.  His heart is
in the right place and he wants to serve and serve faithfully, so Father I
would ask that as he seeks to serve faithfully he would find pleasure in true
service, that of being a servant to those that he would lead.  For true
leadership his servanthood.  So Father I ask that You would put Your hand
upon Erik that he may come to know You and the truth of Leadership.

Eric Olauson was elected MLA for Saskatoon University on April 4, 2016. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Eric has called the Saskatoon University constituency home for most of his life.
Eric’s experience at the civic level helps him to bring the right understanding of the issues and challenges that face the people of Saskatoon.
He currently serves as the Legislative Secretary for Parks, Culture and Sport, Government Caucus Chair, and as a member of the Standing Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs and Justice, the Standing Committee on Private Bills, and the government caucus Management Committee. Eric and his partner DonnaLyn have one son and three daughters.