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MLA Janet Routledge, Burnaby North

 Father, today we bring to you MLA Janet Routledge and ask that you would bless her abundantly. Thank you for bringing her into the position she is in and for her heart of compassion. May she be filled with insight and wisdom in all that she does. We ask that you would bless her family as well, may the be healthy and safe in all that they do. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Janet Routledge was elected as the MLA for Burnaby North in 2017 and again in 2020. For more than 30 years, Janet served the Public Service Alliance of Canada, helping workers solve workplace problems, win better wages and improve working conditions. She also represented workers on the federal Employment Insurance Appeals Board, and she was granted commenter status in the National Energy Board hearings on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. She was founding member of the Everywoman’s Health Centre, and served for several years on its board of directors. She has been involved in many non-profits, including CoDevelopment Canada, which provides financial aid to workers’ organizations in Latin America, and Toxic Free Canada. Janet lives in Burnaby with her husband, Bill Brassington.