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MLA Jim Lemaigre, Athabasca

God, we thank you for MLA Jim Lemaigre and his long standing desire to serve the people of northern Saskatchewan and the constituents of Athabasca. May he be filled with compassion for those he serves. Give him wisdom as he encounters the people and addresses each issue. We pray for protection for Mr Lemaigre. Bless him and his family. Amen.

Jim Lemaigre was elected MLA for Athabasca on February 15, 2022. Prior to his election he worked in public safety. Jim is a proud member of Clearwater River Dene Nation and speaks Dene fluently. He is a retired member of the RCMP, and currently services as a program manager for the First Nations and Indigenous Policing Program. Jim and his wife Wendy have two children and two grandchildren. He and his family enjoy spending time outdoors and look forward to serving northwest Saskatchewan.