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MLA Laurie Throness, Chilliwack-Kent (Demo)

Our prayers go out to MLA Throness, as he establishes and gives clarity of purpose to the new riding of Kent. We thank You for his abilities, strengths and trustworthiness, that helps him serve the people of BC with excellence. We pray You will keep him and his family happy, safe and well. In Jesus dear name, we pray. Amen.

Laurie Throness was elected MLA for Chilliwack-Hope in 2013 and re-elected as MLA for the newly aligned riding, Chilliwack-Kent, in 2017.

Laurie served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General for Corrections. He has been a member of the Cabinet Committee on Secure Tomorrow, the Legislative Review Committee, and the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

Prior to his election to the Legislature, Laurie served federal and provincial politicians. In 1984, Laurie began as executive assistant to former local MLA Harvey Schroeder, then Minister of Agriculture in the Social Credit government. In 1994, Laurie accepted a position with Reform MP Chuck Strahl in his first term in Ottawa. Laurie then joined the Opposition Leader’s office, providing policy research and advice to three opposition leaders – Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, and Stephen Harper. Following the election of a Conservative government in Ottawa in 2006, Laurie served as Chief of Staff to Minister Chuck Strahl in the Agriculture, Aboriginal Affairs, and Transport departments.

Laurie is a supporter of continuing education and lifelong learning. A graduate of Canadian Bible College in Regina with a degree in biblical studies, Laurie later went on to earn a degree in history from Waterloo University and a master’s degree in public administration from Queen’s University. In 2002, Laurie pursued a PhD in history at Cambridge University in the UK, and wrote a book (published in October 2008) about the history of our penitentiary (prison) system.