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MLA Thomas Dang, Edmonton-South

Father, thank you for Thomas’s re-election for Edmonton-South.  Being the youngest MLA ever to be elected in Alberta, we ask for your divine guidance in his life and for a teachable spirit like Timothy in the Bible.  As a child of refugee parents, we thank you for his passion in helping racialized communities flourish. We ask that he has a strong and effective voice in the Legislature as his role of opposition critic for Infrastructure.  Bless him with health, joy and peace, in Jesus Name we pray.

Thomas Dang was elected to represent the constituency of Edmonton-South West in 2015 and elected to represent the constituency of Edmonton-South in 2019. He currently serves as a member of the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services, the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future and the Select Special Democratic Accountability Committee. Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Dang worked in software development while pursuing a degree in computing science at the University of Alberta. Mr. Dang is passionate about information security holding an Offensive Security Certified Professional certification. Born and raised in Edmonton, he was an activist and advocate for social policy and student issues throughout his youth.