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MPP Catherine Fife, Waterloo

Our God, we are holding up Catherine in prayer as she diligently works for the region of Waterloo, which has a global technology base and plays an essential role in Ontario’s economy. We pray for the people and ask for continued innovation in this hub leading to further prosperity in our province and nation. Bless Catherine and her team in their respective jobs, knowing that their efforts help to improve the lives and livelihoods of others. Amen.

Catherine is in her third term as representative for Waterloo. She served as Trustee and Chair of the Waterloo Region District School Board, Vice President of the Canadian School Boards’ Association, and President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. Catherine was instrumental in the passage of Rowan’s Law, Missing Persons Legislation, Fairness for Ontario Realtors, and recognition of Craft Brewers. In Spring 2018, Catherine introduced Bill 37 – the Vulnerable Road Users legislation to protect cyclists, pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, emergency responders & road construction workers. Catherine and her husband Dale enjoy life in Waterloo, where they live with their two great kids, Aidan and Claire.