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MPP Daryl Kramp, Hastings-Lennox-Addington

Our God and Lord, we appreciate MPP Kramp’s work in his various parliamentary roles, and his leadership capacity to include all voices and perspectives at the table. Grant him wisdom in performing his many responsibilities with fairness and diligence. We pray for his team who support the work and ask for a unified and consistent approach in addressing various files, and for clear communication within as well as to other working groups. Thank you for his family and we pray your blessing on them.

Daryl Kramp currently serves as the Progressive Conservative Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of Hastings—Lennox and Addington. He was a former investigator with the Ontario Provincial Police. He has been a municipal councillor and deputy reeve in the municipality of Madoc, Ontario. He has also worked in the retail, wholesale and hospitality sectors. Daryl has organized junior-level ice hockey tours and is a part-time instructor at St.Lawrence College in Kingston.