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MPP Deepak Anand, Mississauga-Malton

Lord, we are thankful for MPP Deepak Anand and his willingness to use his leadership abilities
to bless the people of his riding and our province. We ask that you bless him in his role as
Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour and on the other committees on which he
serves. We are mindful of the time and energy it takes to provide the kind of leadership required.
We ask for physical strength and health for him as he goes about his multiple duties. We also
remember his family and ask that you bless them with your peace. May MPP Anand and his
family experience your presence with them each day (Psalm 100:5). In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Deepak Anand is currently Chair of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills. He immigrated from India in 2000 with a chemical engineering degree and received an MBA from the Schulich School of Business with a specialization in Sustainability before becoming a small business owner. He has been active in the community by volunteering and working with different social agencies; he is former director for the Indus Community Services (an immigrant settling service), current director for the Canadian Federation of Truckers (organization that fights for the rights of truck drivers), and he is the founder of Meaningful Media, an organization that focuses on bringing light to different charities.