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MPP Joel Harden, Ottawa Centre

Father, we pray for MPP Joel Harden today. You have had your hand on his life from the beginning and you are always ready and willing to guide him. We are thankful for his abilities and for his willingness to work for the people of Ontario. We pray that Mr. Harden’s decisions will honour you and that he will be filled with the courage it takes to stand on the side of goodness. We pray that you will surround him with capable people, some of whom are able to encourage him in the ways of God. Amen. (Psalm 15:1,2)

Joel Harden is an educator, a community organizer, a writer, and a father of two young children. He is a proud Ottawa Centre resident who has spent a lifetime advocating for social and environmental justice.  Prior to being elected as Ottawa Centre’s MPP, Joel worked as the National Researcher for the Canadian Federation of Students, and was part of the successful campaign against the Energy East Pipeline. He has served as President of the Colonel By Child Care Centre and holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from York University. For fun, Joel has run drama camps for kids in Ottawa Centre. He is also a local amateur endurance athlete (cross-country skiing, cycling, and swimming).