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MPP Sam Oosterhoff, Niagara-West

We praise You Lord for MPP Sam Oosterhoff is who is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Thank You for placing a deeply rooted compassionate heart and mind in him. Thank You for strengthening him to continue his pursuit to see a better Ontario. We bless You for giving him favour before You and man to accomplish the work which has been assigned to him.  Grant him grace and allow YOUR heart to impact his life; causing him to be a campaigner of good causes that aid those living with needs. May all that he does and all that he says be for Your glory as his life is used to impact his constituents and the millennial generation for righteousness sake.  Amen.

Sam Oosterhoff is a Niagara resident with a lifelong commitment to service and community. Sam is the Opposition Critic for Digital Government, the Associate Critic for Research, Innovation and Science, and a Member of the Standing Committee on Government Agencies.