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MPP Teresa Armstrong, London-Fanshawe

Heavenly Father; We thank you for all your goodness and mercy, and for the knowledge that You are in control.  Father, we present to you Teresa Armstrong; now that she has been elected as an MPP, we prayed that her commitment to serve and help the community will be increased and that she would be guided according to Your will for the London-Fanshawe area.  Lord, help her every day so she can be a leader after Your own heart.

Teresa is a community advocate, experienced leader, mom and grandmother serving as MPP for London-Fanshawe since 2011. Prior to serving as MPP, Teresa was a professional insurance broker and involved with community organizations including the East London Lioness Club, LUSO Centre and the East London Optimist Club. Teresa has lived in the London-Fanshawe community for over forty years and enjoys spending time with her husband, Bill Armstrong, City Councillor for Ward 2, their children and grandchildren