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MPP Vic Dhillon, Brampton West

Father I thank you for MPP Vic Dhillon.  I thank you for his position in our government, for Your Word says that every ruling authority that exists has been established by You.  I thank you for his heart to serve our nation.  I pray that he will serve the nation of Canada in a capacity that shows your love.  May his desires for the nation of Canada be Your desires.   I pray that you will surround him with people who know You and love You.  Father, I lift MPP Dhillon and his family up to you.  Bless them in all that they do. Amen

Vic was first elected to the Ontario legislature in 2003. Vic Dhillon was re-elected in the riding of Brampton West in October 2011. Vic has lived in Brampton for most of his life. He and his wife, Shaminder, are raising their children here. They have two sons, Robin and Sajjan, and a daughter named Taj.