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MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, Scarborough-Rouge Park

Today we pray over MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, from Luke 1:76-78.  You oh Lord are a tender and caring GOD, we ask that You would call Vijay to be a voice that goes ahead of others to make way for good in our land.  May You Father, grant him wisdom to understand the depths of the needs of our people.  Abba, would You show Vijay how to overcome the challenges set before us.   May Your light shine bright like the morning sun on Vijay and on all he does.  Bless him with courage, strength, and faith straight from heaven’s throne today.

Vijay Thanigasalam, a 29 year old financial adviser is the new MPP for Scarborough-Rouge Park.  The son of factory and daycare workers, Thanigasalam grew up on the outskirts of the riding, around Kennedy and Eglinton Avenues. His family settled in the area in 2003, having fled Sri Lanka during its brutal civil war.