Praying For Canada’s Recovery: A Cry For Confidence

Charlie Lyons - Ontario Chaplain, Leading Influence

Father in Heaven, Psalm 22 says that your name is worthy of praise, that you see our affliction, and that you hear our cries for help. We praise You that You rule as King over all things.

Thank you that you are with us in affliction. King of Heaven, as much of our nation looks toward recovery from the pandemic, we ask that you would rule over the fear, the anxiety, the worries, even the despair that this continued affliction brings.

Hear our cry today as we seek You especially for blessings on Canada’s leaders and merchants in this time of affliction—for small business owners, for heads of industry, for elected leaders, and others. Hear their cry and let them find their satisfaction in You.

Help them to know that today, life may be painful – but you are still holy and faithful.
Things may seem out of control – but you, God, are sovereign and wise.
The situation they face may feel very unfair – but you are just and righteous in all your ways.
Things may appear to be very bad – but you are good and compassionate.
They may feel all alone – but you are ever-present and able to comfort their heart.
The horizon may seem dark and hopeless – but you are glorious and victorious.

Help them to find the confidence that You hold the future. In Jesus’ precious and powerful name we pray these things, amen!