Praying For Canada’s Recovery – Energy and Utilities

Praying for Canada's Recovery - energy and utilities

Lord, today we are praying for the energy industry and utilities. We are grateful for the many benefits, comforts, and essential services we receive because of these sectors. We are also grateful for extensions and concessions which utilities offered during the lockdown. Lord bless them for that.

We pray for those whose lives have been severely affected by the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Lord, we ask for Your provision. Provide for their basic necessities, provide employment or perhaps re-education, provide peace and hope for the future.

As the economy continues to reopen we pray that the energy industry would also find recovery. Lord, grant wisdom and guidance to each diverse sector. May they work together to find solutions for the enormous task of keeping our planet clean, healthy, and a safe environment. In Jesus’ name, amen.