Praying For Canada’s Recovery – Esthetic Services

Praying for Canada's Recovery -Esthetics

Father God, we bring to you the esthetic and personal services in our nation. We pray that, as these different businesses reopen, there will be a sense of security and safety. Lord, thank you for blessing  each worker with wisdom that will enable them to operate with the proper safety measures. We ask that your peace would rest over these businesses as customers come and go.  We know that hairdressers, barbers, spa and other wellness workers in the field are often brought into personal conversations with their customers. So we pray that your peace, your joy and hope would be shared between workers and customers.  We declare that those who know your love would have unique opportunities to offer your love in the personal and esthetic services field.  Thank you Lord for blessing these businesses. In your name, Jesus, we have prayed! Amen