Praying For Canada’s Recovery – Tourism/Travel

Praying for Canada's Recovery - Tourism travel

Father God, we come to you today offering our prayers on behalf of the tourism & travel industries in Canada.  We acknowledge this pandemic has been particularly devastating for those who work in these jobs – we lift them up to you today!

From small family run tourism operators to Air Canada and West Jet.  Lord God, we call out to you on behalf of these Canadians; bless them, protect them and allow them to prosper again.  We ask for divine strategies to attract new customers and that scarcer dollars would be managed well in 2020 – that tourism and travel companies would not fail but thrive again!

As summer holidays begin, we pray that families would experience much joy as they reconnect with relatives and find their way outdoors.  We pray for much laughter and lifelong stories to be created as families and friends camp, hike, explore and relax.

God bless Canada, God bless us in our adventures this summer and especially today, God bless all those in travel & tourism.  Amen