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Praying For Canada’s Recovery: Trade Sector

Praying For Canada’s Recovery: Trade Sector


Father, amid global chaos, we lift our hearts to you regarding Canada’s trade sector.

You have blessed our country with prosperity and good trade relationships for many decades; for this, we are grateful. If we have taken your benefits for granted, O Lord, forgive us (Psalm 103:2).

Now, Lord, in these unsettled times when many fear unemployment, we pray that goods will flow unhindered between Canada and other nations. We pray that all methods of transporting goods between countries will be opened up.

We pray for the drivers, engineers, and others who transport material; bless them with safety and steady employment.

We pray for Canada’s Minister of Trade, Hon. Mary Ng. May she always pursue an excellent relationship with our trade partners. We pray that you will provide an efficient and excellent support staff for each leader. Raise up men and women of an excellent work ethic, people of integrity, and selfless service, and for the knowledge of how best to market our resources.

We need your favour, oh God. Only you can guide our nation through its present crisis. We affirm that you, and only you, have dominion from one end of Canada to the other (Psalm 72:8). We lift hands of praise to you. We bless your Name and stand in awe of all your actions.

Because you have said that before we call you will answer, we thank you in advance knowing your grace to us will produce answers to our prayers (Isaiah 65:24). Amen.