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A Blessing of Grace and Kindness for Canada

Heather Prendergast

Dear Heavenly Father.  How we need your graciousness and kindness to permeate the fabric of our society!  May your Spirit flood our homes, neighbourhoods and market places with a huge measure of peace giving us all a moment to recollect the best of ourselves.  May we each, then, address any concerns with hope, honouring our fellow citizens with respect.  Lord, this is a time to recall your heart for the foreigner, the widow and the orphans.  Help us to be aware of the needs around us, discerning the cry for help below the surface of communication.  We choose this day to spread blessing wherever we trod, hospitality wherever we linger, trailing kindness in our wake.  We choose to honour and glorify your holy name.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen