A Prayer for My Member of Parliament

A Prayer for My Member of Parliament


A note before you pray: for the last several weeks, we’ve been praying together daily with a united voice in general for Canada’s leaders. Today’s prayer brings things much closer to home; it has been written for you to pray specifically for your Member of Parliament. Where you see [Member’s Name] in the prayer below, you’re encouraged to pray specifically using the name of your own MP. (If you don’t happen to readily know their name, you can easily find out here: https://elections.ca/Scripts/vis/FindED?L=e&PAGEID=20.) Let’s pray together now…

Lord, we seek your help today as we pray for our federal leadership. First, we thank you for the people elected who serve Canada’s citizens with competence and integrity. Today, Lord, I specifically pray for my Member of Parliament [Member’s Name]. I ask for you to bless [Member’s Name] extraordinarily in these days of complexity. He/she needs extended measures of discernment, clarity, knowledge, and wisdom to serve our riding’s immediate needs, as well as working with other MPs to set our nation’s future on as firm a foundation as they are able. Bring all MPs together in a cooperative manner, united in purpose for the rest of this year and beyond.

I pray that [Member’s Name] would understand the need to serve selflessly and to put aside personal agendas for the sake of the people he/she serves. Bless him/her as they endeavour to do their best and help them to adjust quickly to the various needs that arise. Give his/her assistants and advisors innovative vision so their counsel to [Member’s Name] is brilliant and full of creative solutions.

Finally, Lord, in keeping with your instructions to us, I want to submit myself to esteem [Member’s Name] as you bring opportunity. Thank you, God, for helping me to partner with him/her today to be encouraging and affirming. In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

Okay, now that you’ve prayed for your MP, why not take one more simple (yet substantial!) step of encouragement? Give their office a call or drop them an email to tell them you prayed today and that you’ll continue to do so. Approximately 3 out of 4 of Canada’s ridings are covered by this prayer network—what an amazing day it’ll be if 253 of Canada’s MPs each receive at least one encouraging and supportive phone call or email! Can you imagine? We can! Let’s do this together!